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"Gli Hexperos nascono dalla collaborazione di Alessandra Santovito (ex Gothica) e di Francesco Forgione (contrabbasso e tastiere) e di altri ottimi musicisti quali Flavia Prosperi al flauto traverso, A(...)"

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Korinthians (Belgium)
"Chaos Control - Turquoise/Black Marbled Vinyl" 12" LP 2020, self released
23.00EUR • approx. 33.4USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
A Belgian four-piece post-wave band blending 80s melancholy with 90s anger. Inspired by Goose, Mogwai, The Soft Moon, Agent Side Grinder, Ash Code and Boytronic, Korinthians could be loosely described as a mix between Joy Division and Depeche Mode.

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- tracklist -
A1 Aura H671
A2 Beat
A3 You and Island
A4 A Way with Words
A5 Wave
B1 I pray so you believe
B2 Icarus Airlines
B3 Regrets
B4 A Means to an End
B5 Chaoscontrol

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