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"Im schmucken DVD-Format trudelt das liebliche Scheibchen der ungarischen Band mit dem Label aus Portugal hier ein. Wie üblich fragt man sich, ob die Band damit von gar schauderhaftem Inhalt ablenken m(...)"

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Nino Rota (Italy)
"Fellini's Roma - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Blue Vinyl" 12" LP 2019, Rustblade
22.00EUR • approx. 31.9USD [ add to cart ]
One of Nino Rota's most famous soundtracks from Federico Fellini's cult classic "Roma", which created a lively portrayal of the city through several memorable if barely related vignettes. This release features the complete score for the first time.

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- tracklist -
A1. Aria Di Roma (Instrumental)
A2. Aria Di Roma (Main Titles)
A3. Trasteverina (Version 1)
A4. Aria Di Roma (Version 2)
A5. Trasteverina (Version 2)
A6. Aria Di Roma (Version 3)
A7. Ecclesiastical Fashion Show (Pt.1)
A8. Ecclesiastical Fashion Show (Pt.2)
B1. Ecclesiastical Fashion Show (Pt.3)
B2. Ecclesiastical Fashion Show (Pt.4)
B3. Aria Di Roma (The Old Theatre)
B4. Aria Di Roma (Finale)
B5. Aria Di Roma
B6. Trasteverina
B7. Vitelloni's Bar
B8. Trasteverina (Reprise)
B9. Ecclesiastical Fashion Show

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