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12" LP Ván
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Les Fragments d...
Demain, c'était Hier
Digipak CD
"Nach ihrem ersten Album aus dem Jahre 2008 legen Les Fragments De La Nuit nun mit "Demain, C`était Hier" nach.
Das französische Ensemble, bestehend aus drei Violinen, einem Cello und dem markante(...)"

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Crass (United Kingdom)
"The Feeding Of The 5000 (The Second Sitting) (1979) - Black Vinyl" 12" LP in Fold Out Poster 2019, Crass Records
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The first album by the Anarcho-Punk band Crass. Considered revolutionary in its time due to what was considered an extreme sound, frequently profane lyrical content and the anarchist political ideals in the lyrics. Remastered for this new re-issue.

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- tracklist -
A1. Asylum
A2. Do They Owe Us A Living?
A3. End Result
A4. They've Got A Bomb
A5. Punk Is Dead
A6. Reject Of Society
A7. General Bacardi
A8. Banned From The Roxy
A9. G's Song
B1. Fight War, Not Wars
B2. Women
B3. Securicor Sucks
B4. You Pay
B5. Angels
B6. What A Shame
B7. So What
B8. Well?....Do They?

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