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"Let the trumpets sound to signal the triumphant return of the mighty Puissance. All hail as the masters of bombastic neo classical martial scene return to the very forefront of the genre with their s(...)"

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Various Artists
"Oration MMXVI - Black Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2018, Oration
25.00EUR • approx. 36.3USD [ add to cart ]
Recorded live at Oration MMXVI, Reykjavík, Iceland and mixed and mastered at Studio Emissary, this offers a rare opportunity to experience the vitality of the genre in its purest form.

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- tracklist -
A-I. Azoic - Skywatchers
A-II. Abominor - The Circling Whorror
A-III. Mannveira - Óđur Til Einskis
B-I. Wormlust - Sex Augu, Tólf Stjörnur
B-II. Shrine Of Insanabilis - Cycles And Circles
B-III. Svartidauđi - Venus Illegitima
C-I. NYIŢ - Visni Ţitt Hold Svo Betur Megi Hćfa Ţeim Hug Sem Ţađ Hýsir
C-II. Almyrkvi - Feeding The Void
C-III. Misţyrming - Ég Byggđi Dyr Í Eyđimörkinni
D-I. Mortuus Umbra - Holy Procreation
D-II. Sinmara - Teratoid Crossbreed
D-III. Malthusian - Hallucinogen

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