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Chapter III: The Void God
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The Moon and th...
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"La noche, el espíritu de la luna... pervive en nosotros

Tejiendo una red de hilos del antiguo misticismo combinados con atmósferas ensoñadoras, consiguen que las Músicas del Mundo adquieran u(...)"
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Nodding God (United Kingdom)
"Play Wooden Child" CD 2019, House of Mythology
14.00EUR • approx. 20.3USD [ add to cart ]
Nodding God (feat. David Tibet and Andrew Lilles). "Play Wooden Child" is an album powered by Stars and Cuneiform and Pop, based on planetary correspondences—spirits, intelligences, demons, metals, and numbers, and with lyrics utterly sung in Akkadian.

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- tracklist -
01. Trapezoid Haunting
02. Natron Skipping Rope
03. Xanthosis Sabbat Clock
04. Antimony Moon Fangs
05. Calcination Totem Station
06. Salamander Candy
07. Geometric Magus Breath

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