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Ainda ╔ Noite
Digipak CD
"Una coppia di chitarre classiche, altrettanti violini, un basso e una gradevole voce femminile. Questi gli strumenti scelti dai portoghesi Dwelling per dare un suono all'intimitÓ di Lisbona, ai sui vi(...)"
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Peter Broderick (U.S.A.)
"Home (2008)" 12" LP 2012, Hush Records
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A collection of Folk songs recorded at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 and sets a new direction from his previous work - the album is based around layers and layers of vocals, and guitars, recorded in various places in various parts of the world.

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- tracklist -
A1. Games
A2. And It's Alright
A3. With The Notes In My Ears
A4. Esbern Snares Gate 11, 2tv
A5. Below It
B1. Sickness, Bury
B2. Not At Home
B3. There And Here
B4. Maps
B5. Games Again

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