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Vril Jäger
Celestial Bliss
12" EP Heiðr...
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Standards of Triumph
Digipak CD
"Henry Möller and Marten Björkman better known as Arditi are finally back with a new album. Standards of Triumph is the new work of the already since 1997 active band from Sweden. This album, released (...)"

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The Lust Syndicate (Italy)
"Capitalism is Cannibalism - White Vinyl" 12" Gatefold LP + CD Set 2019, Trisol
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The Martial Post-Industrial Pop project of Simeone Salvatori, Spiritual Front's mastermind, offers driving percussion, melodic fragments and gut-wrenching noise as a vehicle for critical and downright politically provocative statements. Lim. 500x.

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- tracklist -
A1. Statement: Consenting Victims
A2. Death moves towards Us
A3. Utopia as Violence
A4. Statement: Flattering of Humanity
A5. One Creed
A6. From Despair to new Barbarism
B1. Deserted Future
B2. Statement: The United States of Slavery
B3. Financial Aristocracy
B4. Black Virgin-Stabbed Jesus
B5. Capitalism as Religion
B6. The Word of God (Is his Sperm)
01. Statement: Consenting Victims
02. Death moves towards Us
03. Utopia as Violence
04. Statement: Flattering of Humanity
05. One Creed
06. Statement: The Lords of Globalization
07. From Despair to new Barbarism
08. Statement: Plurality of Emptiness
09. Deserted Future
10. Statement: The United States of Slavery
11. Financial Aristocracy
12. Statement: Europagallows
13. Black Virgin-Stabbed Jesus
14. Capitalism as Religion
15. Statement: The Church of Demise
16. The Word of God (Is his Sperm)
17. Capitalism As Religion Pt. 2
18. Statement: Gasping Consumer

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