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Digipak CD
"I’ve reviewed the Moon and the Nightspirit in the past, and am pleased that their new album is just as good as their previous ones. Singer Agnes has a glorious voice and her partner Mihaly backs her u(...)"

Collected Sounds
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Medicine Boy (SA)
"Lower" Digipak CD 2018, Fuzz Club Records
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Grinding organs and soft desolate piano sink beneath waves of guitar that are at times gentle and drifting, at others feral and unforgiving. A remarkable sound that sits somewhere between PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star and TJ&MC, yet in a sombre world of its own.

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- tracklist -
01. Bottom Of The Blue
02. Water Girl
03. Carpels
04. Yellow-eyed Radio Blues
05. For The Time Being
06. Diamonds
07. Hospital Floors
08. One Hundred Bodies
09. Lovely Heart

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