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Les Fragments d...
Musique du Crépuscule
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"Formé en quintet (trois violoncelles, un violon et un piano) Les fragments de la nuit propose des créations avant tout destinées à l’image, au cinéma, mais qui ont pour vocation à être jouées égalemen(...)"

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Last Dominion Lost (United Kingdom)
"Abomination Of Desolation" 12" LP 2017, The Epicurean
17.50EUR • approx. 25.4USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Desolation: total, utter, without remit. Departure, loss, absence, yawning valleys of noise. An overture from the terminal ward. The humiliation of the cadaver, the scouring of abandoned houses and rubbish heaps, a planet blasted by the fruits of hubris.

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- tracklist -
A1. Overture To Desolation (3:28)
A2. Diminutive Cruciform (3:29)
A3. Irrumatio Del Mortis (4:36)
A4. The Ninth Angle (3:40)
A5. Bludger´s Hill (3:34)
B1. Devil´s Park (4:07)
B2. Blueprint For Urban Warfare (3:32)
B3. Beyond The Valley Of The Flies (3:58)
B4. Cursed Earth (4:47)
B5. The Abomination Of Desolation (4:00)

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