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Furvus (Italy)
"Aes Grave" Digifile CD 2017, Dark Vinyl Records
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ add to cart ]
After 18 years Furvus returns with an new majestic album full of sonorous shades, orchestral / choral arrangements and an epic vein worthy of a soundtrack. Highly recommended for all fans of orchestral and epic Neoclassic.

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- tracklist -
01. Missio Apostatae
02. Aurora Rectae Ultionis (Alle Prime Luci Di Una Giusta Rivalsa)
03. Pos De Chanter M'Es Pres Talenz {Primus Actus}
04. Melopoeia Pestilentiae, Caudata Domina Nostra
05. Mon In The Mone
06. Dá Fhaid É An Lá, Tagann An Oíche
07. Attollimus Culignas, Pro Gloria Bacchi! (Cantus Vulgatus Cum Novem Vocibus)
08. Pos De Chanter M'Es Pres Talenz {Secundus Actus}
09. De Rerum Natura (Discors Triumphus Rationis Atque Religionis)

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