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"Les Fragments de la Nuit rassemble un violoncelliste, trois violonistes et un pianiste, dont deux ex Goo Goo Blown. Des voix flottantes, quasi féeriques dispensent parfois quelques gammes au dessus de(...)"

le Zata
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Nhor (United Kingdom)
"Wildflowers - Green Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2018, Lupus Lounge
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The four "Wildflowers" tapes, each depicting one of the four seasons, collected in a double vinyl. On these recordings, Nhor, like nature itself, does not need raw volume to make himself heard. The pauses are just as important as the single notes.

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- tracklist -
01. Windowpanes
02. I knelt at the altar that lays atop the stars
03. And so passes the glory of our world
04. There was a time when I knew the way
05. Wildflowers
06. Vernal
07. Let the rains knock at my door
08. In moonlight
09. Light, sing to me
10. Where morning breaks over the pines
11. I have no stars left to wish upon
12. Even in dreams
13. You will never shine as bright as the moon
14. I remember
15. Sunlit rest
16. All that is sacred to me
17. Where they once were
18. The trees knew not of me then
19. Moonfall
20. We set their bodies free in the cold river
21. What we hid in the night
22. Fire promises guidance
23. In search of those we lost
24. Fate
25. Bereft
26. Murmurations above me
27. Owls through snowfall
28. Wreaths of hoarfrost
29. The moon belongs to all and none
30. They leave no trace
31. I found you there, beside the night
32. Mercy

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