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Fils de Dieu
2x 12" Gatefold LP End All L...
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The Veil of Queen Mab
Digipak CD
"Se già Alessandra Santovito e Francesco Forgione ci avevano incantati col superlativo debut "The Garden Of The Esperides", mescolando con grande maestria partiture neoclassiche, musica da camera ed in(...)"

DarkRoom Magazine
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Death In June (United Kingdom)
"All Pigs Must Die" Digifile CD 2008, Leprosy Discs
15.00EUR • approx. 21.8USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
An exercise in exorcism which is a sonically double edged ritual. Whilst the original 2001 release saw the return of the classic DIJ instrumentation, with the addition of accordion by A. Ritter (Forseti), industrial elements also permeate half the album.

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- tracklist -
01. All Pigs Must Die
02. Tick Tock
03. Disappear In Everyway
04. The Enemy Within
05. We Said Destroy II
06. Flies Have Their House
07. With Bad Blood
08. No Pig Day (Some Night We're Going To Party Like It's 1969)
09. We Said Destroy III
10. Lords Of The Sties
11. Ride Out!

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