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"La Hongrie est à l’honneur aujourd’hui grâce à la sortie du deuxième album de The Moon And The Nightspirit. Si le premier essai, aux traits fins et parsemé de délicates émotions, nous avait laissé aug(...)"

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Aenima (Portugal)
"Never Fragile" Digipak CDEP 2002, Equilibrium Music
10.00EUR • approx. 14.5USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
"Never Fragile", Aenima's second official CD release, showcases a more direct approach in their song writing, yet retains their trade-mark guitar weaving and fabulous female vocals.
A superb combination between technological artefacts and melodic song writing, augmented by spellbinding female vocals.

Aenima's debut, "Revolutions", caused quite an impression on both press and fans, who were unanimous in their praise when it came to live shows as well. The band have been compared in the past to the likes of Cocteau Twins, The Gathering, The Third and the Mortal, Faith and the Muse or Dead Can Dance, and now "Never Fragile" brings forth a sharper side of Aenima, properly seasoned after outstanding live appearances in notorious international festivals such as the M'era Luna Festival, in Germany. Although they have hardly dropped the ethereal moods of their debut album, Aenima have improved their recipe which bridges the gap between a clever use of technological artefacts and conventional rock compositions with a skilled use of melody, groove and ambience.

"Forlorn" opens in a mournful, dirge-like manner, and gradually climbs to its zenith, with the female vocals rising from lament to crystal clear soprano tones. Drums and bass provide an escort in her grievous march, clad with a veil of twinkling guitars and subtle keyboard undertones, as opposed to the heavier posture found in "At the Edge of a Cliff" with its hard, distorted, guitars.

"The Light", perhaps the disc's most easily memorable track, has been used as the closing track for the band's set at the M'era Luna performances and shows Aenima's brighter side, with an approach that seems to draw some Pop sensitivities to their dark rock, which acquires a more introspective and melancholic tone again for "Lilith".

Last but not least, "Rapture" begins in a rather celestial mood, and leads Aenima through a slightly more synthetic path to close up "Never Fragile".

audio files available
- tracklist -
01. Intro to End All Intros
02. Forlorn
03. At the Edge of a Cliff
04. The Light
05. Lilith
06. Rapture

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