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Ataraxia / Autunna et sa Rose (Italy)
"Odos Eis Ouranon - La Via Verso il Cielo" Digipak 2x CD 2005, Equilibrium Music
sold out
A deluxe Digipak double-CD, by two of the leading figures in the Italian Neo-Classical scene, Ataraxia and Autunna et sa Rose.
Autunna et sa Rose have used material from their first 3 albums, hereby interpreted on piano and cello, and featuring soprano vocals and poetic recitation. Saverio, the group's mastermind, and his companions bring to life dramatic pieces that push the typically softer tones of Neo-Classical music into a more demanding ground dominated by Contemporary Classical music. Interpretations of compositions by Ataraxia and Tuxedomoon were also part of the concert recorded in Rovigo that evening and included in this release.

Borrowing an ancient Wiepking and Co. piano, Ataraxia rearranged a collection of their finest tracks that would fit an entirely acoustic format, revisiting them in a warmer and more intimate form. This selection covers not only tracks from most of their releases, but also titles from the sold-out EPs "Orlando" and "Des Paroles Blanches", as well as two previously unreleased songs and material never before issued on CD.

"Odos Eis Ouranon - La Via Verso Il Cielo" will be released on a deluxe limited edition double CD Digipak, complete with booklets which will include linear notes by both artists, lyrics and exclusive photography and artwork.
An essential release for older fans of these two legendary Italian formations, which will also serve as a perfect introduction to newer fans.

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- tracklist -
CD I: Ataraxia - Strange Lights:
01. Strange Lights
02. Shelmerdine
03. Bonthrop
04. Tu es la Force du Silence
05. Ophélie
06. Faust in una sala maledetta
07. Seas of the Moon
08. Les Tisseuses Lunaires
09. Veules Les Roses
10. Fuga Trionfale
11. Oduarpa
12. Medusa
CD II: Autunna et sa Rose - Logos:
01. L'Art et la Mort
02. Caresses aux Coeurs
03. Gentiane Percluse
04. La Morte di Virginia
05. Slow Rain
06. Rose Jaune de Novembre
07. Verganglichkeit
08. Landschaft der Vergangenheit
09. Canzona
10. Egypt
11. Temps Fumé

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