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Shining Silver Skies
Digipak CD
"Ci sono voluti diversi anni per dare un seguito all'incredibile album di debutto del terzetto partenopeo, ma ne è valsa la pena. Lungi da me il fare una semplice recensione-confronto fra i due lavori (...)"

Rosa Selvaggia
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Dwelling (Portugal)
"Moments" Digipak MCD 2001, Equilibrium Music
9.00EUR • approx. 13.1USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
The band's debut, and also the first release for Equilibrium Music, was the first step in setting our standards for quality musicianship and packaging.
Ethereal Neo-Classical compositions,
exquisitely weaved out of acoustic guitars, violin and bass guitar,
and blissfully adorned by sweet female vocals.

Names such as Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Amber Asylum or, especially for Portuguese listeners, Madredeus, and, on a slightly different tone, Empyrium and Tenhi, will come to mind now and then, but the varied background of the various members involved with Dwelling not only allows them to produce a very distinct blend, but also provides a solid launch pad for incursions into territories often neglected in the genre.

Therefore, not only will one find the sweet and blissful melancholia of opener “A Gaze of Innocence” or the sad, rather tragic tones, of “Dear Blossom”, but also a discreetly progressive, somewhat Jazzistic in tone, approach to the material which shows off more clearly on the slightly hallucinatory “Trivial Yet Profound”.

“A Dança (Tecendo o Feitiço)”, sung in their mother-tongue, sees the band feeding off slightly on their Portuguese roots, evidencing a taste of Fado in their recipe, whereas the closing instrumental “Rain” allows the musicians to engage in a healthy dwell free from Catarina’s guidance.

Last but not least, the recording process has provided a rich and clear sound, appropriately registering the elaborate string interplay provided by Nuno Roberto and Helder Dias, which, along with Jaime Ferreira’s deep bass lines, set the foundations for Sílvia Freitas’ searing violin melodies and Catarina Raposo’s warm and comforting voice.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this collection of fine “Moments”.

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- tracklist -
01. A Gaze of Innocence
02. Dear Blossom
03. Trivial Yet Profound
04. A Dança (Tecendo o Feitiço)
05. Rain (Instrumental)

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