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12" LP Nordvis
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"Duncan Patterson has been many things in his lengthy career: doom forefather, label owner, film scores author, benefactor, bass player. Before he was any of that, though, he was a a tireless quester (...)"

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Munster Records
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Lydia Lunch (U.S.A.)
"/ Marc Hurtado - My Lover The Killer" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2016, Munster Records
23.00EUR • approx. 33.4USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
A late night noir confessional. Sinister, sexy and mysterious, the music slithers, erupts and caresses the seductive vocals as they relay twisted tales rife with innuendo, promises and threats. Lim. 1200x.

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- tracklist -
A1. Nursing Damage Junkies
A2. You Can't Save Anyone
A3. I'm Sorry But I'm Not
B1. Homeicide
B2. Baby Killer
B3. Shelter
C1. Ghost Town
C2. Poltergush
C3. The Sweeping Of A Moment
D1. Lucid Madmen
D2. Ashes Are What's Left

last update: 2021-03-30
The Gun Club (U.S.A.)
"Fire Of Love (1981)" 12" LP 2017, Munster Records
18.00EUR • approx. 26.1USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
Pure perfection. A blatant and amplified homage to the Blues, energized and kicked into overdrive - in a new style that combined the ghostliness of the original model with a FAST, unwound and supremely energetic beat.

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- tracklist -
A1. Sex Beat (2:45)
A2. Preaching The Blues (3:58)
A3. Promise Me (2:35)
A4. She's Like Heroin To Me (2:33)
A5. For The Love Of Ivy (5:31)
A6. Fire Spirit (2:52)
B1. Ghost On The Highway (2:43)
B2. Jack On Fire (4:40)
B3. Black Train (2:11)
B4. Cool Drink Of Water (6:10)
B5. Goodbye Johnny (3:41)

last update: 2021-03-25
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