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Standards of Triumph
Digipak CD
"Given the praise that Arditi have been receiving over the past few years, the fact that the name seems to have eclipsed those more illustrious ones that messers Möller and Bjorkman have worked under (...)"

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C. Diab (Canada)
"Exit Rumination" 12" LP 2017, Injazero
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
A meditative sound exploration for bowed guitar, trumpet and subtle tape manipulations, in a beautiful intersection between leftfield ambient music, film score, post-classical solo cello, American folk music and post-rock.

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- tracklist -
A1. The Green Plain Pt 1
A2. Butterflies
A3. Old Red
A4. On The Beach
B1. Rise and Shine
B2. The Green Plain Pt 2
B3. Love and Death
B4. Postdrome
B5. Ninth Arcana

last update: 2020-07-21
Heinali (Ukrania)
"Anthem - Red Vinyl" 12" LP 2017, Injazero
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ add to cart ]
Crushing waves of distortion that bring to mind Ben Frost surround radiant sound-design in the mould of Jon Hopkins or Andy Stott. Pulsing, fluttering synth-worlds orbit through a galaxy of texture not unlike Clint Mansell’s Moon score.

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- tracklist -
A1. Anthracite
A2. Shuffle
A3. Away
A4. Holding A Cloud
B1. Hauntology
B2. You Gave Me Butterflies
B3. Embrace Embrace Embrace
B4. Anthem

last update: 2019-02-11
Heinali (Ukrania)
"Iridescent" 12" LP 2018, Injazero
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ new ] : [ add to cart ]
"Iridescent" consists of fragments of studio improvisation sessions recorded in 2016 and 2017, some of them recorded in one unedited take on a modular system and some layered and later morphed into compositions, in shimmering, incandescent portraits.

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- tracklist -
A1. Enfold
A2. Starling Reprise I
A3. Iridescent
A4. Shadow Invention
B1. Mist Ostinato
B2. Starling Reprise II
B3. Rainbow Folding

last update: 2018-10-24
LTO (United Kingdom)
"Storybook" 12" LP 2017, Injazero
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ new ] : [ add to cart ]
A highly accomplished pianist (indeed, a piano teacher in his civilian life), LTO’s astute musicality is the foundation stone beneath the magic and abstractions of "Storybook", an album not purely of mechanics, but also of human warmth.

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- tracklist -
A1. Change (5:56)
A2. Tape Loops (5:27)
A3. Enchantment (3:24)
A4. Rise (6:30)
B1. Storybook (3:06)
B2. When (4:09)
B3. Partners (2:11)
B4. Moment (4:31)
B5. Careful (3:46)

last update: 2018-07-30
Matt Emery (United Kingdom)
"Empire" 12" LP 2017, Injazero
20.00EUR • approx. 29USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
Beautiful contemporary classical. Though delivered with the sombre grace of heavyweights such as Ryuichi Sakamoto or Ludovico Einaudi, and possessing a singularity akin to Lubomyr Melnyk or Bing and Ruth, its devastating depth of sentiment is all its own.

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- tracklist -
A1. Empire (3:58)
A2. Orpheus (4:30)
A3. Louloudia (5:35)
A4. Mavericks (1:33)
A5. Effervescent (2:25)
A6. L For Luna (3:38)
B1. Brushstrokes (6:14)
B2. Asteria (3:38)
B3. Atlas (3:42)
B4. Blossom (3:34)
B5. Oshimai (3:49)

last update: 2019-08-19
Steve Gibbs (United Kingdom)
"Adrift" 12" LP 2017, Injazero
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
The beautiful debut album from UK composer-pianist Steve Gibbs. Passages of soft microsound comparable to Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto’s duet albums or Mika Vainio merge with lusher cinemascapes akin to Clint Mansell and Max Richter.

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- tracklist -
A1. Passion
A2. Evoke
A3. Råklipp
A4. Patterns
A5. Low Light
B1. Adrift
B2. Seul
B3. Contention
B4. Bokeh

last update: 2018-07-30
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