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The Mask And Mirror Live
12" LP Quinlan Road
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Digipak CD
"Multi-instrumentalist/composer Duncan Patterson is much beloved for his work with British metal/prog band Anathema, but he’s had a much wider career than that. Following a sojourn as part of the exper(...)"

The Big Takeover
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Cultes des Ghoules (Poland)
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Cultes des Ghoules (Poland)
"Eyes of Satan / Deeds Without a Name" 12" LP 2021, End All Life Productions
17.00EUR • approx. 24.7USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
"Eyes of Satan" and "Deeds Without a Name" display two different aspects of the monstrous Cultes des Ghoules... Eerie, full of Riffs with a capital R, cold, primitive and atmospheric at once, howls of possession resonate, never to be forgotten...

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- tracklist -
Eyes Of Satan
A1. The Curse (4:32)
A2. Eyes Of Satan (5:39)
A3. Devil Worship (6:34)
Deeds Without A Name
B1. Dirty Deeds At The Crossroads (8:33)
02. Buried In Cursed Soil (6:53)

last update: 2024-02-02
Cultes des Ghoules (Poland)
"Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2018, Of Crawling Shadows Records
28.00EUR • approx. 40.6USD [ new ] : [ add to cart ]
Like the blackest of magick, willed into being through both inmutable will and unselfconscious abandon, "Sinister" again stretches sulfur and brimstone to their breaking point, spread accross anthemic pieces set to the place of largely ritualistic drums.

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- tracklist -
A1. Children Of The Moon
A2. Woods Of Power
B. Day Of Joy
C. The Serenity Of Nothingness
D. Where The Rainbow Ends

last update: 2024-02-22
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