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Grace of God
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"The neo-classical idiom (not the same neo-classical with the Malmsteen breed) has many faces to present, from Amber Asylum to Elend and Arcana. Although there is great distance between NC and metal, t(...)"

Metal Perspective
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Elder (U.S.A.)
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Elder (U.S.A.)
"The Gold & Silver Sessions (2019) - Blue Vinyl" 12" EP 2021, Blues Funeral Recordings
24.00EUR • approx. 34.8USD [ add to cart ]
Capturing Elder's expanding dynamic and ongoing progression, "The Gold & Silver Sessions" is an experimental LP of ranging psychedelic jams that captures their expressive and nuanced development in a way a "regular" studio release wouldn't.

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- tracklist -
AI. Illusory Motion
AII. Im Morgengrauen
BI. Weißensee

last update: 2024-02-02
Elder (U.S.A.)
"Dead Roots Stirring (2011) - Black Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2021, Armageddon Shop
33.00EUR • approx. 47.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
A masterpiece of rhythmic heaviness, psychedelic and heavy, crushing riffs blend seamlessly with majestic melody. 180g vinyl, with poster.

- tracklist -
A. Gemini
B. Dead Roots Stirring
C2. The End
D. Knot

last update: 2022-11-09
Elder (U.S.A.)
"Lore (2015) - Red / Blue Mix Vinyl" 2x 12" LP 2021, Armageddon Shop
33.00EUR • approx. 47.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Joining the interplay of heaviness and melody which has become the hallmark Elder sound are a host of new meanderings through uncharted kosmische territory - Krautrock, Prog as well as classic Heavy Rock and Doom can all be heard unfolding here.

- tracklist -
A. Compendium
B. Legend
C. Lore
D1. Deadweight
D2. Spirit At Aphelion

last update: 2022-08-11
Elder (U.S.A.)
"Omens - Dark Green Vinyl with Gold and Green Splatter" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2020, Armageddon Shop
40.00EUR • approx. 58USD [ add to cart ]
A set of songs that express the breadth of the band's collective influences, and which build up to a modern day progressive Rock record, while also taking time to jam and float when need be.

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- tracklist -
A1. Omens (10:52)
A2. In Procession (9:21)
B1. Halcyon (12:47)
C1. Embers (10:47)
D1. One Light Retreating (11:13)

last update: 2024-02-02
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