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Les Fragments d...
Musique du Crépuscule
Digipak CD
"Für das Debüt Album von LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT sollte man sich schon einige ruhige Minuten nehmen. Die Band hat sich den ruhigen Neoklassikklängen hingegeben. So verwundert es auch nicht, dass die S(...)"

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Out February 2013, on Equilibrium Music
Leidungr (Sweden)
EQM036 - "De Nio Kraftsångerna" Digipak CD 2013 [ out 2013.02.25 ]
14.00EUR [ new ] : [ buy now - shipping included worldwide ]
Nine songs inspired by Nordic traditions and culture, dedicated to lost values.
Nine spells to evoke the old Gods and pay tribute to the warrior spirit of the past.

"De Nio Kraftsångerna" is the long awaited debut album by Leidungr, the latest project by H. Möller (of Arditi and Puissance), M. Belfagor (of Nefandus and Ofermod) and P. Ståhl. Crafted by weaving ritual elements into traditional folk, the trinity's mesmerizing work is also imbued with an indelible martial aura which reinforces the underlying heroic mood summoned on these recordings. The potent and evocative combination, which spreads across various genres, often re-creating their common formats, allows Leidungr to carve their unique brand of Nordic Ritual Folk - a term which perfectly defines the genuine atmosphere of this work, now finally available on matt varnished Digipak CD with copper printing, featuring artwork by Freki Wodenswolf, a talented artist known his unique handcrafted creations, made from natural materials as leather, wood, horn, bone and metal.

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