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"Nuova uscita per l'etichetta portoghese Eqvilibrivm Music. Gli amici di Lisbona ci stanno abituando a bellissime ed incantevoli sorprese, anche in questa occasione non sono da meno. The Moon and the N(...)"

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Anemone Tube (Germany)
"Golden Temple - Special Japan Edition" 12" LP 2017, The Epicurean
25.00EUR • approx. 36.3USD [ new ] : [ add to cart ]
An immersive Industrial music album and their most ambitious and complex work yet. Painting a sonic landscape, "Golden Temple" is perfectly real and dreamlike at the same time, endorsing archaic, mythological and worldly ideals alike. Lim. 99x copies!

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- tracklist -
A1. L’Homme Et Les Sirčnes (13:33)
A2. Apocalyptic Fantasy (3:18)
A3. Tower Of Evil (The Ultimate Truth) (3:29)
B1. Negation Of Myth (4:27)
B2. Sea Of Lights (Golden Temple) (4:39)
B3. Anthropocene - The Dark Abyss Of Time (7:47)
B4. Ondokusan (The Infinite Light) (1:05)

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