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Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Ali...
12" LP Fabrika Records
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The Moon and th...
Reg§ Rejtem
A5 Digipak CD
"Nice artwork on this one, the paintings are by the singer Agnes Toth. I'm very hazy and ignorant of Hungarian mythology (I think the most I've been exposed to it is through Steven Brust's "The Sun, Mo(...)"

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Aghast (Norway)
"Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis (1995) - Black Vinyl" 12" LP 2013, Ordo MCM
22.00EUR • approx. 31.9USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
A classic Ritual Ambient album, which is still regarded today as one of the most legendary Cold Meat releases. Macabre enchantresses in lovely disguise will seduce you to end your life and take you their ghastly realm. Inc. A2 poster and insert.

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- tracklist -
A1. Enthral (1:30)
A2. Sacrifice (5:30)
A3. Enter The Hall Of Ice (4:56)
A4. Call From The Grave (5:59)
B1. Totentanz (5:18)
B2. The Darkest Desire (5:07)
B3. Das Irrlicht (3:53)
B4. Ende (3:34)

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