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The Moon and th...
Digipak CD
"Ive reviewed the Moon and the Nightspirit in the past, and am pleased that their new album is just as good as their previous ones. Singer Agnes has a glorious voice and her partner Mihaly backs her u(...)"

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She Past Away (Turkey)
"Belirdi Gece" 12" LP 2013, Fabrika Records
18.00EUR • approx. 26.1USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
A Dark Wave band from Turkey, whose music features elements of 80's wave and post-punk, accompanied by retro drum machine beats and dark lyrics in Turkish sung in a unique style. Second pressing of their debut album with new artwork, lim. 500 copies.

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- tracklist -
A1. Sanrı / Hallucination
A2. Ritel / Ritual
A3. Monoton / Monotone
A4. Kasvetli Kutlama / Somber Celebration
A5. İnsanlar / People
B1. Belirdi Gece - Musallat / The Night Emerged - Haunt
B2. Ruh / Spirit
B3. Kemir Beni / Gnaw At Me
B4. Bozbulanık / Murky Grey
B5. İe Kapanıs / Escape Within

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