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"Unkarilaiskaksikko The Moon and the Nightspirit vakuutti parisen vuotta sitten mainiolla Regő Rejtem -albumillaan, loihtien kuultavaksi levyllisen kaunista folkin ja maailmanmusiikin sekoitusta. Samoi(...)"

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Lebanon Hanover (United Kingdom)
"Why Not Just Be Solo" 12" LP 2013, Fabrika Records
sold out
Very influenced by the darker side of the 80s, LH formed in July 2010 to stand up and disapprove the high-pitched overproduced music that peaks our ears. Second vinyl pressing of their second album, inc. download code and lyrics on the innersleeve.

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- tracklist -
A1. Saddest Smile (3:44)
A2. A Very Good Life (3:57)
A3. Albatross (3:56)
A4. I'm A Reject (3:06)
A5. Cadaverously Quaint (3:42)
A6. Bring Your Own Wine (4:51)
B1. Northern Lights (3:29)
B2. No One Holds Hands (3:15)
B3. Why Not Just Be Normal (2:36)
B4. Somehow We'll Get Through This (3:55)
B5. Avalanche (5:39)

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