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"This is the first solo record for Vittorio Vandelli, founding member and composer of Ataraxia, in which he plays guitar and of which he produced some of the albums. On this cd neo-classical and mediev(...)"

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Ataraxia (Italy)
"Mon Seul Desir" CD 2002, Cruel Moon International
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
A new album filled with atmospheric passionated songs, among which a revisited Turkish medieval love song, an enveloping classic guitar solo, a water-drop dreamy tune, a luscious ballad and a typically Ataraxia piano poem.

This is one of our albums that doesn't own a defined style like we did in many other occasions to portray special historical periods, forgotten civilisations or artistic masterpieces, for this reason we think that this release is in a pure Ataraxia's style. This happened sometimes in the past, after very engaging and monumental works where all our energies were employed to carry on a concept theme (not only musical but also literary, historical, archaeological). So a new bizarre creature is born in total freedom in this beginning of 2002, just a mirror of our most intimate feelings in the last 12 months. This album has two great literary and iconographical inspirations but the deepest source of inspiration comes from some happenings of that crazy, troubled, unexpected 2001 that turned up-side-down the lives of many of us after many years of apparent tranquillity and stability. These two further sources are "The Canticle of Canticles" of King Solomon (one of the most beautiful piece of poetry portraying love both in a symbolic/spiritual and in a most bodily perspective) and the cycle of late-Mediaeval tapestries "La Dame à la Licorne" collected in the Mediaeval Museum of Cluny in Paris. These 6 tapestries represent in a symbolic way the 5 senses and the overcoming of them to find equilibrium, pleasure and purity. We could easily say that all of this has the same meaning of the name of the band, the word Ataraxia. We deeply perceive that this research, this strange fatal meeting with the tapestries and the Canticle has been driven by destiny. After many previous albums based on pain, struggle, persecuted, far lands, voyagers and pilgrims, sunken civilisations we have finally released an album based on love, not a simplistic taken for granted vision of love, but love in all his power, light and strength, unique love driven by destiny, the one that unifies elected souls after centuries of solitude, the one that can save our wrecked poor life when we are agonising, hopeless, deceived. The songs are actually various, you can find ballads made of high clear skies where the wind blows over a Northern Ocean, wide fresh surfaces of green, watery hypnotic waves where it's possible to perceive that salty essence of the sea, hidden gardens full of colours, the up and down of the tide, but we have also Eastern and Mediaeval love songs completely remade and rearranged by us with many acoustic instruments like percussions, ancient guitars, bells and various amenities. These last songs have all a contemporary nuance, old traditions carried here in our times to be heard and understood with a modern spirit. Listening "Mon Seul Désir" you'll find a green path leading to an enchanted lake in a sort of purifying journey to get rid of our painful, unhappy condition, you'll perceive the deep connection among love and music, a rosy awakening at dawn, a moment where everything is undefined and the passing among a dreamy state to a conscious one is prophetic and magic describable only through the poetry of notes.

A new album filled with atmospheric passionated songs, among them a revisited Turkish mediareview love song, an enveloping classic guitar solo, a water-drop dreamy tune, a luscious ballad and a typically Ataraxia piano poem. The imagery and inspirations (concept, cover and booklet layout) comes from the cycle of tapestries "La Dame à la Licorne" and the 'The Canticle of Canticles'. This release features as usual Francesca' s voice , Vittorio' s classic guitars and chitarra battente, Giovanni's piano and keyboards and Francesco's percussions together with a pair of great vocal duets among Francesca and Francesco in the oriental song and Mundus new version.

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- tracklist -
01. Alsicon
02. Jarem Gitti
03. Eaudelamer
04. Sendero En Lago Verde
05. A L´Aube
06. Mundus Est Jocundum

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