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Digipak CD
"El do formado por Saskia Domisse y Marcel Schiborr nos presenta su LP debut bajo el amparo del sello Equilibrium Music.

Antes que nada, y sin desmerecer la labor de POETS TO THEIR BELOVED,(...)"

REUX Magazine
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Coph Nia (Sweden)
"Holy War EP" Digipak MCD 2001, Cold Meat Industry
6.50EUR • approx. 9.4USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
Where "That which Remains" was somewhat solemn and introspective, "Holy War" is more in your face. Like its predecessor it varies a great deal in styles, but this time its more aggressive and sexual in nature. Deluxe digipak with gold foil printing.

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- tracklist -
01. Briefing
02. Holy War [pt.1 - enter]
03. The Binah/Satharyal Complex
04. Holy War [pt.3 - remobilize]

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